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Photo 101 color

While in L. A.  We went to a hockey game. I took this picture and loved how it came out. I especially love the color in it. Advertisements

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Crock Pot cooking- what’s all the fuss?

I remember getting my first crock pot and thinking “really” what in the world would I cook in this thing. Since then, I have accumulated a few crockpots. (don’t judge me, at least until you have tried cooking in one) … Continue reading

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photo 101 Solitude

Solitude for me is when I am in my yard. I can be gardening, or just sitting; listening or watching whatever may come my way. Of course, in the winter it is still my solitude, only I am usually inside … Continue reading

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Bring your Veteran to school day!

My grandson invited me to attend his school on Veterans Day; I got there early and sat through 2 assemblies; honoring the veterans and their families. Active and non-active, retired, wow… they made us all feel special and I was … Continue reading

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What is solitude? For some it’s a place that emits a feeling that nothing can hurt them. For others it can be a special place that is for them alone. Does solitude have to be a place; it can be … Continue reading

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Photo 101 Bliss

Bliss for me was marrying my best friend; combining our families and enjoying each new addition to our extended family. Our family continues to grow; 13 grand-children and still counting! 🙂

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photo 101 water

When we were in Hawaii, I was mesmerized by the beaches and water. I took some pictures that I loved… Enjoy.

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Originally posted on whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses:
I definitely am not one to get caught up in politics, never have… But I have voted every election since I turned 18. The only thing I can say is… If you don’t vote… Why? I…

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Happy Veterans Day

Well, Veterans Day is around the corner and I am posting some pictures of veterans in my family. Last time I was at Denver International Airport I spotted a soldier going into the restaurant I happened to be in. I … Continue reading

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EASY Posole -slow cooker

What better time to make… WINTER!! Enjoy… Continue reading

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