Crock Pot cooking- what’s all the fuss?

Collection of crockpots

Collection of crockpots

I remember getting my first crock pot and thinking “really” what in the world would I cook in this thing. Since then, I have accumulated a few crockpots. (don’t judge me, at least until you have tried cooking in one)

Crockpot or slow cooking is so easy and once you start using it, you will find you have so much time to do other things. (hmmmm…. enjoy time with your family and friends).  Some of my friends were afraid to use a crockpot, oh.. it will taste terrible, it will be dry.. blah blah blah… So don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it.. It is time to try something different, right? Is you family tired of the same oh same oh, every Monday is macaroni, Tuesday taco’s, Wednesday whatever’s in the fridge, Thursday’s meatloaf, Fridays fish, etc. etc. (you caught me, I couldn’t think of anything for Saturday/Sunday) Anyway… I have my daughters all using crockpots, they can still cook a mean meal, but when they have to take kids to practices and such, crockpot meals are easy and is such a time saver … plus they can be very tasty!!! (and affordable)

I will apologize first off because I am writing this while I am watching Hallmark.., and I might put in a word or two that might be sappy… (is that a word)

I researched crockpot cooking  and the following are some interesting things I found:

Slow cooking has been done for quite some time; puritans steeped baked beans in molasses and cooked pork on Saturdays so they didn’t have to cook on Sunday. Native Americans  slow cooked tough roots in baking pits to make them soft. In the 70’s, Rival acquired rights to the  “Beanery” – a very antiquated slow cooker, gave it a makeover and WALLAH… the crock potslow cooker . (say that a few times while sippin some wine, lol)

The crock-pots became a relic in the 70’s, then sales began to increase. (must have been the times I was buying them… I purchased many crockpots; gave as gifts and because I really needed them, bought a few.)  ( don’t judge me)

If you want to read some great info on crockpots, check out the article by Jill Pellettieri ( I love the title) “What a Crock!”

So to get back to what’s all the fuss? It is about saving pennies and time, and spending both on what is important in your life: your family..

(speaking about saving money? what about those couponholics…more on that later.

Enjoy the recipes I have posted and will be posting. I will be trying the recipes myself and then sharing them. (my next post will probably be about fad diets)

oh… before I forget; I will be tagging them as crockpot cooking…

(back to my movie, I love Christmas and Hallmark, (sappy, sappy… love that word).

Maybe we need to have a blog on Hallmark movies sometime, hmmmmm….


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2 Responses to Crock Pot cooking- what’s all the fuss?

  1. Beth H. says:

    I love my crockpot! Thanks for giving this wonderful kitchen small appliance kudos!


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