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Holiday craziness

Families are continuing to try to have family time together especially during the holidays,so why is it so many of us are freaking out because we can’t make a dinner date?  We have families that are blended… blended so much … Continue reading

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Watch “AQUA ZUMBA Splash! with Mari “Hora Loca” (Soca) by Grupo BIP (ZIN 58)” on YouTube

Yes… you guessed it. Zumba in a pool. As I look down into the pool, I realize just how deep it is, hmmm… I proceed to the shallow end. You see, water, pools and I don’t ¬†mix; I almost drowned … Continue reading

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Beautiful snowy day

After spending a day watching the snow come down and leaves slowly falling from the branches, I was amazed at how the sun came up and is now melting the “white stuff”. Soon it will be like there was no … Continue reading

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Paris carnage

My prayers go to the people of Paris. A hundred are killed, my God what a tragedy. Words can not express the horror those innocent people faced.  God be with you!!!

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I met her many years ago at work, she was married to one of the service managers. Her smile was beautiful and her nature was so pure and innocent. Going to their house after work was a ritual, drinking coffee … Continue reading

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Birthday Boy

Do you have a relative that you know but really don’t know a lot about them? I mean… really know? I have a nephew that was a little one when we moved to another state. I watched him grow with … Continue reading

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