The Sex Talk



If you’re a Parent then you know the time will come when you have to have that dreaded talk with your children about the birds and the bees.
My daughters were about 7 & 9; they came home to inform me that their 15 Year old babysitter was going to have a baby. Their questions??? How could that happen? She isn’t married, mommy I don’t understand, how can you have a baby if you don’t have a husband?
My husband looks at me, and smiles saying “ha ha, you have to give them the sex talk. ” squirming.. and sweating I say. “Well girls tomorrow we can go have pizza a
nd I will explain everything.
I am nervous, wondering how much information I should give them, well.. I will play it by ear and be as truthful as I can.
We go to our favorite pizza place, sit in a corner and I am happy that it is a slow night and we are going to be alone for awhile. My hubby takes off to get drinks, brings them, then takes off to give us time to talk.
I start off by asking them about the baby sitter and again my 7 yr old comments about “how can that happen if she isn’t married?” I look at them and was reminded how I never was told about sex, I began to explain to them about everything… at one point my 9 yr old covers her ears and says “gross, I don’t want to hear any more”. My 7 yr old on the other hand has her eyes wide open and is taking in every word I am saying and registering it in her brain… she is listening so intensely that I begin to wonder if she isn’t listening…
I finally am getting to the end of our sex talk, I look at both girls and ask them… ” do you have any questions?” 9 yr old “God no, can I leave now?” 7 year old ” hmmm… mommy I understand everything except one thing..”. My heart pounds, I feel sweaty, I start to stammer “uhh.. w..what don’t you understand sweetie?”
“Well… I unerstand everything except the part about China”.
China… I think… oh mm y God… NO sweetie I say trying hard not to laugh… Not China… vagina..

Oh my 7 yr old says… I get it now. I look over at my 9 yr old, she rolls her eyes at her sister and lays her head down on the table.

Ok… my husband is sitting at the table next to us, and I can hear him trying not to laugh, walking over he says.. so, are you guys done with the talk? Both shake their heads yes. I hope they are not scarred for life. So now… fast forward 10 years … oldest daughter who had no questions gets pregnant, the one with the questions still has no children. Hmmmmm….


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2 Responses to The Sex Talk

  1. Reblogged this on luvroses99 and commented:

    Well since writing about this I have some great news. My baby is having a baby… I guess this whole incident didn’t scar her, for you see she plans on having 4 children. I think we all say that… I wanted 5, but had 2 and then 3 step daughters came along, so you see God did give me 5. Wow…
    I will be flying to Virginia to be with her for the birth, and helping her for a few weeks. I am so excited; just as I was with all the grandchildren. All 13, 14 will be a boy.. Jaq Moses. Gotta love that name…
    See you soon little Jaq, can’t wait to hold you and kiss you and watch you grow!! God I love all my grandkids….


  2. korea2012 says:

    Ha-ha this is funny!!! I remember some of this. Those were the days.


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