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A walk for the President I was sent the video by a dear friend and wanted to share it. If you are offended by it, turn it off and delete; if not, please forward and share.  I found it interesting. … A walk for … Continue reading

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San Diego dia dos. Day 2

Here we go, wine touring then dinner at a thai restaurant in Murrieta. First our morning walk around a local park to get us old folks going, lol. Chollas park.. What an amazing day. We never made it to the … Continue reading

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Politics…again…read and repeat

Ok… The Time is here. .did you vote!  YOU can make a difference. We all can, but we must vote!  Weigh your options. ..look for the most important thing you want and then….close your eyes. ..point your pen down….Gee I … Continue reading

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Blonde jokes

I have a daughter that’s blonde; all through her childhood she has been up against being told about blondes and the jokes surrounding them. One day her brunette sister was telling her a joke. Hey, do you know why blondes … Continue reading

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San Diego beaches fun

I love San Diego, when I was younger, I hung out at the beach with my brother and sister. We were in the Navy, had vans and loved to go all over checking the town and beaches out. Years later … Continue reading

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