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New Years Resolutions

Originally posted on whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses:
Well, 2016 is happening throughout the world, so there will be many blogs on New Years Resolutions. I ask myself every year what I want for my New Years resolutions, you know those things that I…

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Stupid things said at work

Employee: Hey… I would like to work some overtime, can  I? Boss: what do you need the overtime for? Employee: I need to buy a t.v. Boss: no. What are you working on that you need overtime to do. What … Continue reading

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Friday’s Saturday or Sunday

It seems like weekends are what we all look forward to doesn’t it? So why do we wish our lives away?  I try to enjoy every day, looking for the beauty each day brings; whether it’s in a person smiling,  … Continue reading

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Easter dinner

I asked my family what they wanted for Easter dinner; simply put… no ham, prime rib , or potato salad this year..we want your fried tacos.  I was flabbergasted; fried tacos? Yes mom they are so good.  So tonight I … Continue reading

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Brussels terrorist attacks

I have been watching the news and every time I see the video of the carnage, I can hear a young child crying and screaming; watching and listening I always cry… that poor child. Is she by her momma or … Continue reading

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Sunsets… anywhere

I love sunsets… it doesn’t matter where I am, there is nothing so breathtaking as watching the sun go down… oh the sun coming up is just as beautiful. As I travel around the states,  I am amazed at the … Continue reading

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Daily post Dance

I see I am not the only one that see’s dance in a lot of movement. In the pic Below the person on the right was dancing. t”. Dancing water Dancing clouds.. sight from a plane. Dancing on the beach… … Continue reading

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Newest addition

​ Since writing about this announcement my daughter is due Nov 1st.  She is going to have a boy.With our family having 10 grand girls and only 3 grand boys another boy is going to be a blessing. Of course … Continue reading

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Soldier attacked at McDonald’s

I was blown away after hearing about this; and quite frankly disgusted. I would like to know how the mom’s feel about their children doing something like this? What happened that made your child so mad that they wanted to … Continue reading

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Sales pitches

We have a timeshare in Hawaii and San Diego.  Every once in awhile we have to sit in a presentation to get a discount card for excursions. .. ever notice how some are long and drawn out and some are … Continue reading

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