Sales pitches

We have a timeshare in Hawaii and San Diego.  Every once in awhile we have to sit in a presentation to get a discount card for excursions. .. ever notice how some are long and drawn out and some are in and out? We have been going to these for over 20 years. When we get in the meeting we tell them that we are not interested in buying another or upgrading; we don’t want to waste anyone’s time so need less to say; we are out of the meeting in less than 15 minutes with our “gift”. This last trip we earned a discount on whale watching… Woot woot.


About whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses99

I love to travel the states and have done a little traveling overseas, not as much as I'd love to. .I LOVE life, life is what you make it, so I enjoy it as much as I can! :-)
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