Stupid things said at work

Employee: Hey… I would like to work some overtime, can  I?
Boss: what do you need the overtime for?
Employee: I need to buy a t.v.
Boss: no. What are you working on that you need overtime to do. What you buy is your business.

Employee: hey, boss I have the flu and wont be in.
Boss: its the holidays, I need everyone working.
Employee: I am unable to get out of bed and I am contagious.
Boss: when can you be here.
Employee: screw you, I will not be in… phone hangs up

Boss:you need to do what I say. You need to respect me.
Employee: I thought respect was earned.

Boss: I know it’s the blizzard of the year but I need you to get to work.
Employee: hey boss. .. only 1 employee showed up…. me.

Boss: I’m going to have to terminate you for attendance.
Employee: I haven’t had attendance issues
Boss: according to our records, you’ve had 23 absences in 6 months and you have been late 20 times
Employee: I don’t know why I should be fired.

Sound familiar.


About whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses99

I love to travel the states and have done a little traveling overseas, not as much as I'd love to. .I LOVE life, life is what you make it, so I enjoy it as much as I can! :-)
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