Medicare… R U confused yet?

Ok.. I am so confused with Medicare.  I am not sure when to apply,  where to apply or if I apply.

I am getting mail from every insurance company about it,  I look at it read it and put it on my stack of possibilities. I can’t help but wonder if everyone goes through this when they get close to turning 65.

since starting to write this,  I have signed up by intranet, received my card and now have officially received notification that my supplementals are in effect and it’s been less than month…wow

well…soon after receiving my “letter” I got my official card. Talk about fast. Best part is…it’s cheaper than what I was paying from my job. To the tune of about $150. A month…. wow….. 

getting older is ok…. so far….lol


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1 Response to Medicare… R U confused yet?

  1. AnnL says:

    Yes we all go through it. Big Brother knows when your birthday is coming.
    Rose apply up to 3 months before your birthday so it starts the 1st day of the month you are born make an appointment on line at a Social Service office they were great at making sure I did it right.
    After you apply for A/B then you go back to an insurance agent and talk about D and any other supplement you want. PS you must get D it is the drug plan
    Hope that helps.


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