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My opinion..If you want it or not…

I am a Navy veteran. I was in the service during the Vietnam War;  so that tells you how old I am. I joined to do something to help,  while I was not in the middle or no where near … Continue reading

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My parents never really celebrated birthdays so I never had a birthday party.  Last night was my husband’s birthday and we met family and friends at a brewery. .. we had dinner, laughed, everyone saying happy birthday to me as … Continue reading

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Surprise visit?

So yesterday I wrote a blurb about waiting…. If I would have waited one more day I would have written. .. opening my garage door and there at my feet is a nice snake…waiting…. waiting… The snake is waiting and … Continue reading

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Waiting…Part 4…no more waiting

So here’s the end of the wait and a new beginning for the new parents.  We went on a hike and “preggie” had to walk almost 2 miles. When we got in the car she said she was tired and … Continue reading

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A short life… 

Wow.. it doesn’t matter how old or young you are…life is short.  You blink and all of a sudden your middle aged looking into a mirror and saying” who are you?” Oh there you are, I recognized you by your eyes… … Continue reading

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Originally posted on whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses:
I remember how I loved going in to check my email… The days when the majority of my email came from family and friends.. now it’s from all those businesses that I subscribed to. Yes, I…

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Daily Prompt: Urgent

via Daily Prompt: Urgent Oh… Must hurry. I have to get this done, for you see this is urgent. Why is it so urgent; well because someone told me it was. I am a business leader and as a leader … Continue reading

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