My opinion..If you want it or not…

I am a Navy veteran. I was in the service during the Vietnam War;  so that tells you how old I am. I joined to do something to help,  while I was not in the middle or no where near the war zone I chose to join to do my part because I Love my country and I love people. ..I was teased and told  “women” are only in the service for the “men”. I was sexually harassed by my superior commander,  asked what nationality I was by another commander… but…. I used these experiences to grow and become a strong woman. .. and realized that our “world” has stupid, inconsiderate people.

Overall I met wonderful people that respected others so I still loved the military.  I loved my country and to this day when I see anyone in uniform, I thank them for their service. 

We are going through tough times and I really want everyone to search and ask yourself those questions that only you can answer. .. who do I want for Potus?  I know…I know.’s tough…but if you don’t vote…you shouldn’t complain about how the Potus is not doing what they should be… so if you’re a chronic complainer. 


About whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses99

I love to travel the states and have done a little traveling overseas, not as much as I'd love to. .I LOVE life, life is what you make it, so I enjoy it as much as I can! :-)
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