Daily Prompt: Maddening

via Daily Prompt: Maddening

During this time of the year its maddening to try to get everything you want to do done. Since my husband and I are going to take a mini trip after the holidays, the only thing I am doing is putting up a tree, and putting out some of my Santa Claus’s. I am not going to get stressed out. Holidays are not only stressful (for some) but it is maddening to go out and shop. After all the maddening years I finally asked my family, What do you really, truly want. Now, they just want cash or gift cards. The only maddening (but fun thing) is getting the grandchildren a gift. They will eventually reach the age of “money is good”.

So… for me while it can be maddening during the holidays, I step back and look at the beauty of whats around me, breathe in and then realize that this is what its all about… life…. not material things… just beautiful people, friends, family, love, laughing and enjoying our time together….

May your maddening time be filled with much happiness and “family time”.. Oh and don’t forget to do some whimsical wanderings!!!!! smile.



About whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses99

I love to travel the states and have done a little traveling overseas, not as much as I'd love to. .I LOVE life, life is what you make it, so I enjoy it as much as I can! :-)
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