Part 1: How to train your parents (thru the eyes of a 6 month old baby)

Hmmmm….. I cry…. they pick me up.

Wow… when I’m hungry I cry and when I make a sad face and smack my lips I get fed some milk.

0000h… I just pee peed and had a blow out…. wahhhh… just cry and then I will get a nice clean, dry diaper.

So the other day my granny brings us the high chair that my mommy and my Auntie used when they were babies; they painted it and got some kind of soft pillows on it; I think they said they were ” chair pads”. Wow… I finally got to sit with everyone at the big table; I’m as tall as they are…wait… what? I don’t get any food?  Mommy/daddy what do you mean not yet? grab grab, they took the food away.. What… teeth? whats that. hmmm. that must be why mommy and granny keep putting their finger in my mouth and rubbing my gums. They let me chew their fingers and they keep buying “things” that they stick in that box called a refrigerator and make it really cold and then stick in my mouth. I shake a little then it feels good until it gets warm.

Ohhh.. whats that mommy? I get a cup?  Its called a sippee cup?  So… I can chew on that nipple and thats what makes it come out? hmmm. what would happen if I did that to mommy when she was breast feeding me? No… I think she’d look at me and say “no-no”. I better watch that… I like my feeding time!

So back to the sippee cup…let me try…oh wow…it doesn’t leak or spill when I shake it up & down, side to side or toss it to the floor?

Hey… did you see that? All 4 of the big people JUMPED up to pick it up!

I like this game.

Toss down

Pick up

Toss down

Pick up

Now we’re having fun!!!!




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I love to travel the states and have done a little traveling overseas, not as much as I'd love to. .I LOVE life, life is what you make it, so I enjoy it as much as I can! :-)
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