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Tamale Time

So its kind of a tradition for some families to make tamales for the holidays. This past summer I decided to ask my sister if she would teach me how to make them; the last time I tried was at … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt- Enlighten

via Daily Prompt: Enlighten Please enlighten me as to this blankety blank situation. After reading my devotionals, I have been enlightened. I would love to be able to do something or say something to someone to enlighten them; not in … Continue reading

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Crochet craziness

 So since I have retired I have been: 1. Traveling…many road trips 2. Walking a lot 3. Visiting people I haven’t seen for years 4. Crocheting Yep… I used to have nimble fingers; then painful joints…started taking ginger pills … Continue reading

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Part 1: How to train your parents (thru the eyes of a 6 month old baby)

Hmmmm….. I cry…. they pick me up. Wow… when I’m hungry I cry and when I make a sad face and smack my lips I get fed some milk. 0000h… I just pee peed and had a blow out…. wahhhh… … Continue reading

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Whimsical wanderings in Arizona

Ok…so it’s 104 degrees outside…but as we come into lake Havasu I’m struck by the beauty of the lake up against those little peaks. Watching boats go by, people walking. ..camping. .jackasses strolling…it’s so beautiful.  I can’t wait to stroll … Continue reading

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Holiday craziness

Families are continuing to try to have family time together especially during the holidays,so why is it so many of us are freaking out because we can’t make a dinner date?  We have families that are blended… blended so much … Continue reading

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Here fishy fishy Bite Me!

  Turning 64 this next year will give me a perk! Ok, I will be a senior but… When I go to get my annual Colorado fishing license, it will cost me a whopping one dollar! Yes, you read this … Continue reading

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Giraffes, elephants n zoo’s

I have gone to see the Denver Zoo lights a few times, the first time I stood in line for quite awhile. I have learned to buy tickets in advance and then I am able to just walk through and … Continue reading

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Cold and Colorful Colorado… Is it fishing time yet?

I woke up early this morning, I have 2 days off and don’t want to waste my time sleeping in. It has been so cold in Colorado (just about everywhere) I thought about Spring…. Yes, Spring is around the corner … Continue reading

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